Service & Repairs

BI-ANNUAL INSPECTION : Our Bi-Annual Inspection and Service Program insures your lift equipment gets the attention it needs to keep it safe and in good operating condition. Boatlift and davits operate in a very harsh environment of salt water, sun and heavy loads. Lift equipment needs periodic inspection and servicing. From time to time it may also need repair, which if delayed could result in serious problems.

We provide twice a year inspections and servicing program that includes a complete inspection of all components and lubrication of all grease points and cables. The inspection results, including any signs of wear or required repairs, are reported to you and kept in our records.

Assure the safety of the lift
Prevent problems before they occur
Prolong the life of the lift
Satisfy the requirements of the warranty

Neptune Atlantic Boat Lifts has a commitment to providing repair and maintenance service to every boatlift and davit owner in the Keys. We work on all makes of boatlifts and davits. Although we do encounter peak work load periods from time to time, we try our best to respond promptly to everyone.

Here are some examples of what can happen when your boatlifts and davits are not properly inspected and serviced…

Uneven cradles can lead to harsh wear & tear on the cables and motors. Bi-Annual inspections will prevent problems before they occur and prolong the life of the lift. To satisfy the requirements of the warranty, inspections are mandatory.

Simple things like leaving the plug out of your boat when you leave it on your davits can save you time and money. This davit was overcome by the weight of the boat and rain water that had collected when the owner was out of town.

With elevator lifts, both zincs need to be inspected on a regular basis. Once the zinc is no longer available, electrolysis will begin to corrode the tracks, causing the lift to collapse.

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